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About PISA:

The Pacific Islands Scholars Award (PISA) supports attendance and participation by Pacific Islands scholars at ASAO meetings through travel awards and waivers of meeting registration fees and membership fees. We are particularly interested in supporting younger scholars and those who have not previously attended ASAO meetings, but we encourage all prospective Pacific Islands participants (from graduate students to practicing professionals at any level) to read the application materials and the proposed sessions for the 2024 meetings and to consider taking part in one or more of them.

Travel awards are awarded to Pacific Islander participants who are taking an active part in one or more sessions, by serving as organizer, presenting a paper, or making a presentation in another format.

PISA objectives are:
  1. To incorporate greater Pacific Islander perspective and voice in ASAO meetings, primarily in working sessions and symposia.
  2. To support and advance the professional development of junior Pacific Islander scholars.
  3. To increase Pacific Islander membership in the Association.
  4. To increase Pacific Islander contributions and leadership in the Association.

For any questions, please write to PISA Coordinator Tammy Tabe at


The participation of our Pacific colleagues at the annual meetings is critical to vibrant and productive dialogue in sessions, at plenary talks, and in the development of research publications. Please consider supporting the PISA to help expand the participation of our Pacific colleagues. We encourage all ASAO members to consider contributing.


Our new ASAO website makes supporting PISA very easy! You can now make a secure online contribution via PayPal. Simply: 1) Click the "support PISA" button, and 2) Follow the prompts. It's that easy!

Please consider contributing monthly to PISA, which is easy when you set up a secure automatic deduction for a set amount from your bank account or credit card. When you enter your contribution amount there is a box to the right you can check labeled “Make this Recurring (Monthly).” Please consider this option to make a sustaining contribution to PISA.
Please consider supporting PISA!

Click below to make a secure contribution through PayPal.