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ASAONET is the Bulletin Board (called the listserver) for Oceanic anthropologists, primarily but not exclusively for members of ASAO, the Association for Anthropology in Oceania. It is dedicated to providing information and an arena for discussion on any anthropological topic that concerns Oceania, including archaeology, cultural anthropology, linguistic anthropology and physical anthropology. Other topics are welcome as subscribers wish. ASAONET is supported by the University of Illinois at Chicago, and the listowner is Mike Lieber (Anthropology Department at the University of Illinois at Chicago).

Contact: Mike Lieber (

To subscribe:

Address a message to: LISTSERV@LISTSERV.UIC.EDU
Leave the subject line blank
You should receive a confirmation message.

To unsubscribe:

Address a message to: LISTSERV@LISTSERV.UIC.EDU
Leave the subject line blank
The message should read: UNSUB ASAONET


The ASAONET is intended to provide information about such things as current anthropological events, employment opportunities (if subscribers post them), research questions, and a forum for seeking answers to numerous cooperation and information requests. The ASAO Board of Directors may find it convenient to post notices about its discussions and decisions to the membership over the Net. The Board may also use the Net to poll its membership concerning issues under Board discussion. Anyone wishing to send information to the Newsletter editor for publication may also wish to post the notice on the Net. We would encourage anyone to post any information that they think might be of interest to the group.

ASAONET is an unmoderated list. This means that no one's posts will be censored or otherwise edited. Please remember, however, that people can not see your face nor hear your tone of voice as you write. It is easy in this milieu to misunderstand or misinterpret what one meant to say in a quick note. If your note gets misinterpreted and gets an annoyed response, consider the possibility that you could have been clearer in your writing. If you are offended by what someone has posted, you are free to respond to it as you will, either privately or on the Net or by simply deleting the post from your files. Gentility is always appreciated in any debate, particularly in contentious issues, but the listowners will not attempt to intervene in any debate.

The listowners will not, however, tolerate use of the list for ad hominem attacks, maliciousness, or advertising without permission. Offenders will be warned, and repeated offense thereafter will result in the offender(s) being barred from the list by the listowners in concurrence. We do not anticipate any such problems from people who are best known for quintessential gemultlichkeit.

While it has become common for the ASAONET listowner to forward postings from nonsubscribers that might be of interest, the ASAO Board of Directors hereby directs the ASAONET listowner not to forward any postings from anonymous sources or from persons who wish to remain anonymous. Moreover, if the listowner suspects that the content of a forwarded posting might harm anyone involved with the posting, the listowner is directed to share the post with subscribers knowledgeable of the content, forwarding to or withholding the posting from the list according to the advice of those subscribers.

Should you wish to make reference to a posting that you read on ASAONET, first consider whether the message was intended for widespread distribution and contact the author for permission. Then, one means of citing the reference is given in the example below. The subject header can serve as the title. Postings can be considered a form of published document, but remember to check with the author first as he or she may not have intended it for that purpose.

While all of the procedures related to the management of ASAONET, including the maintenance of the list of subscribers, maintenance of ASAONET archives, and the maintenance of conditions for reasonable discussion are the responsibility of the listowners, the Board of Directors of ASAO reserves the right to periodically review any of the list maintenance procedures as they affect the functioning of the larger organization.

The minimal guidelines for discussion listed here and the procedures for handling infrequent problems relating to discussion and of referencing posts to ASAONET are part of an agreement that each subscriber makes with the University of Illinois at Chicago by subscribing and by continuing one's subscription to ASAONET. The University, for its part, provides the listserv facilities and its software and hardware components free of charge to subscribers.