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Wanpela Taim: Then and Now
Among the Maring of Papua New Guinea

Producer/Visual Anthropologist:
Allison Jablonko

Grant Hayes


72 minutes (work in progress)

Allison and Grant invite you to watch the film any time starting from Wednesday, January 24. Just follow the link on the home page of the ASAO 2024 Whova Meeting Platform. Please join us on Friday, February 2 for a Film Q & A (also on Whova) hosted by Micah Van der Ryn.

*Please note: Only registered ASAO 2024 Meeting participants can access the Whova platform.*

Film Synopsis: Wanpela Taim chronicles the relationship of visual anthropologist Allison Jablonko and the Maring community with whom she and her late husband, Marek, worked in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea in the 1960s. Featuring both research footage and still photographs, it follows Allison, her daughter, and her granddaughter as they return to the community in 2014, after a 50-year hiatus, to reconnect to the people there and repatriate photographs of the Maring community to their original subjects and living descendants. Wanpela Taim records this confounding (re)encounter, in which all parties revisit the meaning of their relationship and the terms of reciprocity.

The film has particular relevance to ASAO's GRIKPIC Program (see the 2024 Meeting Program for an informal discussion about GRIKPIC) and the following ASAO 2024 sessions:

* Dialogics of Fieldwork Photographs
* Collaborative Research: Knowledge, Impact and Repair
* Archiving, Preserving and Sharing Ethnographic Information for the Future
* Colonial Legacies, Bicultural Navigations, and Oceanian Creativity

We also invite you to explore Wainpela Taim's Film Screening Guide and to visit an online, interactive exhibit of the Maring photographs at Maring Interactive.